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20 Tips On Beauty With Sandra Don-Arthur, CEO Of Alexi Glam

Sandra Don-Arthur, CEO of Alexi Glam Makeup

Sandra Don-Arthur, CEO of Alexiglam known in the Beauty Industry as Alexandrina is a professional makeup artist and Vlogger from Ghana.

She started makeup professionally in 2011 after completing courses in the UK.

Don-Arthur has worked on several celebrities in both the Ghanaian and Nigerian entertainment industry such as Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, Efya, Joselyn Dumas, Juliet Ibrahim, Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah, Jim Iyke, Yvonne Okoro and DJ Cuppy.

The 39-year-old was selected by Maybelline New York, Ghana as part of their board of influencers to help influence Maybelline’s activities in Ghana. Maybelline New York also gave her the opportunity to host Africa’s first dedicated makeup TV show, “Makeup Diaries,” which aired on DSTV in 46 countries.

We asked the award-winning makeup artiste and beauty educator, 20 questions and this is what she had to say.

 What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I drink a tall glass of still water at Room Temperature.

 Define beauty in 3 words

 God, Mind, Body

 What is your morning and evening skin routine?

 In the morning: I wash my face using a clay cleanser, then apply a generous spray of hydrating mist all over my face (give it a few minutes to absorb into my skin) and then apply a Hyaluronic Serum on my skin. After a few minutes I top it all off with a light moisturizer and I’m set for the day.

  In the evening: I repeat the same routine as I had in the morning, but I double the amount of serum, after which I add a few drops of Vitamin C serum (to combat hyperpigmentation) and top it off with extra moisturizer; and then its sweet dreams for me.

Cosmetic products or DIY? Why?

I’ll prefer cosmetic skincare because the amounts are regulated and concentrations are known on labelling.

 What is your take on beauty and style?

 Beauty and style go hand in hand. I believe you can have your own signature beauty look, which is style in its own right.

 Do you believe that wearing makeup boosts a woman’s confidence?

 No, it’s an add-on. I think confidence comes from within but makeup helps you make sure that the confidence stands out.

 Name 3 makeup products you keep in your bag

· Fenty Lipgloss

· Mac Cork Lipliner

· Concealer

 What is the difference between a bridal makeup and makeup for the red carpet event?

 I think the application is more-tailored to the bridal needs whereas the red carpet looks is more daring and sometimes dramatic

 An easy trick for drawing a perfect brow.

Lightly outline the desired shape and then fill in with thin hair-like strokes

 Drawing brows before and after foundation? Any difference?

Yes.. there is!!!

Your take on eye contacts?

I love them as accessories to change the appearance of your face

 How often do you wear makeup?

 I wear makeup occasionally when I’m going out with friends or a TV appearance and date nights.

 What are the positive and negative effects of wearing makeup?

· Covers skin flaws and enhances the wearer’s beauty

· May cause allergic and or irritate the skin

When do we say ‘there is too much makeup’?

I think it’s relative to the wearer or onlookers but generally, you should do everything in moderation.

 Has the makeup industry received enough recognition like the fashion, entertainment, brewery, and engineering industries?

 No but we are in the process of building the beauty industry to become a force to reckon with

 Name your top 3 makeup artistes (bridal, special effects and fashion).

· Path McGrath

· Mike Fontaine

· Bimpe Onakoya

Name your top 3 Ghanaian beauty brands?

· Evita Joseph

· Colorbox Cosmetics

· Skin Gourmet

 Will you advise more entrepreneurs to enter into the makeup industry in areas of manufacturing and selling?

Yes…My brand alexiglam is currently involved in the sale of beauty products from Africa and manufacturing at the core of the beauty industry so it’s sure of building industry and owning our narrative.

 What are your plans for the makeup industry?

I plan to capture the masses, middle class and high-end market.

 Does it pay to be a makeup artist?

 Yes, it does, if you do it right. As with any endeavour, there are lows and highs.

Advice for rising entrepreneurs

 Believe in your idea and act on it.


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