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7 Chinese Illegal Miners Arrested, 10 Excavators Seized During Taabosere Forest Raid In Western Region

Government’s Environmental Sustainability Taskforce has arrested seven Chinese nationals and seized 10 excavators as it moves to save forests invaded by illegal miners in the Western region.

The renewed onslaught seeks to save the country’s natural resources affected by illegal mining activity.

Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor followed the team of armed military and police personnel that stormed Taabosere forest enclave close to Diaso at dawn and caught these Chinese miners by surprise.

They had invaded the forest destroying natural resources spanning about ten football fields.

The irresponsible mining practices have left the Oda River which runs through this forest has turned milky mud with no sign of life.

The thick forest cover has also been depleted with scenes of tree species cut and buried in mud.

As the taskforce moved through the dangerous routes, the team learnt many of the miners destroying the forest have no permits.

One of them is Alhaji Issah Odartey who had physical confrontation with the taskforce.

He and claims the concession was awarded to him by the Minerals commission but has no documents to prove.

At some portions of the site, the team found close to 12 excavators as the supervisor, Omar said they were mining with permission from some powerful people.

Later, a man who identified himself as Charles Owusu, a relative of the late Sir John claimed ownership of the illegal mining site begging the team to leave the site.

But the taskforce removed all the excavators and transported them across the Oda River.

In all, 10 excavators were effectively tracked out of the forest. Seven Chinese miners were arrested and sent to Accra for processing.



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