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A Chained Man’s Final Moments Before He Was Bludgeoned To Death

The man, MacJames Appiah Mensah popularly called ‘Obolo’ was a victim of mob justice

A 43-year old man has been bludgeoned to death by a mob at Kade in the Eastern region in a dispute over property.

The man, MacJames Appiah Mensah popularly called ‘Obolo’ died at the Kade hospital Tuesday moments after he was taken there blood-soaked and his head mashed.

His brother, MacWesley Appiah Mensah confirmed the tragic incident to

He explained his brother’s death was linked to a 12-year dispute between his family and a local businessman over a property.

A video shows the 43-year old man stripped down to his shorts, beaten and bruised. He was also bound in chains and secured to iron rods.

The deceased was padlocked and despite his pleas for mercy, crashed with stones. His brother said, a wooden handle of a pick-axe was used to beat him up until it broke.

“If you push your finger into his head, it will sink in”, MacWesley Mensah revealed the horrific battering his brother suffered while by-standers watched, making no more than feeble pleas with his attackers to stop.

He was left to die.

His brother said he was called to the scene where he found him severely battered with marks of the instruments of death all over his body.

According to him, he had to ask for keys to the padlock from the owner of Be Kind stores to unlock his bleeding brother.

According to him, the owner of Be Kind stores has not been arrested. Two of his ‘boys’ were released less than 24hours after they were arrested.

Police have confirmed the incident and are investigating the incident.

The family of the deceased man gave details of the dispute over the properties. The property is a house with a row of stores behind it, leased to a businessman, owner of a company, Be Kind Ltd.

According to MacJames, the company took over the properties insisting the deceased’s father (who is also deceased) had sold them outright before he died in 2007.

‘Obolo’ who is the eldest in the family of four had been leading attempts to recover the properties.

He fell very ill in 2013 in what the family believes was a spiritual attack. He recovered but without a job, ‘Obolo’ fell in hard times.

In his poverty, Obolo set his eyes on the properties again and launched a fresh push to reclaim them.

Tuesday morning in front of the Be Kind row of shops in Kade, Obolo was armed with a knife which his brother usually kept after he claimed he gets spiritual attacks.

A worker of the business suffered a cut on his face after he tried to disarm the man whose brother says he was having a “normal conversation.”

The cut infuriated workers of Be Kind company who pounced on Obolo as the owner watched on.

Obolo tried to escape and locked himself inside a house. But a blood-thirsty mob of workers crashed down the doors and retrieved their target.

They allegedly meted out their own version of justice leading to his death.


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