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Accra Fashion Week Set To Promote Ghana’s Top Models

Accra Fashion Week is steadily making it’s mark as Africa’s most relevant fashion week whilst inspiring more fashion events on the ground with innovation and creativity. The event is only in it’s third year and is already the first fashion week to go twice a year and also host it’s own online boutique.

This year we at and Accra Fashion Week are teaming up to promote Ghana’s best models. Due to lack of a well structured industry, what many witness is the success of models who have reached their status simply on the basis of connections and hook ups.

From here onwards, this partnership set to work on giving a stronger platform for models who have strong potential but may not have the right avenues through the industry due to lack of such or unwillingness to participate in unprofessional activities.

If you believe you fit the bill and you meet all the criteria to be a runway model, follow this link here

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