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Add A Blast Of Colourful African Print To Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe without African print is incomplete. The world is moving away from the all weather western wear to Ankara at a faster pace.

The stir and attraction of such designs when worn expresses charm and personal belonging as African especially when worn abroad as well.

With my personal fashion designer, am able to express my style to be sown to fit my shape n taste. A print be it GTP, Daviva, Printex, Woodin or vlisco, all one has to do is grasp one from the shop. Lace and Ankara sewn into a fine design has been trending for sometime and seems to stay. For a casually modern appearance, formality and strength to your look, for a touch of casual elegance wear, add jeans with the print wear if you so wish.

Now back to the topic at hand; this is the perfect style and everyone should have at least one of the prints in his closet waiting for all moment to subtly brighten any everyday and occasion.


Classic Ghana

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