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Author Ralph Inspires Two Prison Inmates To Write Their Own Books

Author Ralphelle Antwi has inspired and helped two inmates of Nsawam Medium Security Prison in Ghana to write and publish their own books.

This comes after he visited the prison on Sunday March 4, 2018, together with some members of Rain Foundations.

The titles of the books are Freedom from Fear, Unleashing God’s Agenda of Prosperity; and Not Rejection but Direction.

“It was my first meeting with Author Ralph two years ago that brought true meaning to my life”, says Abdul Rasak Tajudeen, an inmate and author of the first two books.

Abdul was a Muslim for many years until he found and gave his life to Christ in prison.

“I never imagined myself writing a book until I met him and he told me on the first day that I had the potential to write and challenged me to develop the potential,” he added.

According to Gerald Geofrey Amenyo who also wrote and published a book under the inspiration and guidance of Author Ralph, God used Author Ralph as a vessel to give him hope.

“In my dark moments of rejection, hopelessness and frustration, God miraculously brought Author Ralph to be a blessing to me and my colleagues. Every month he visits with his team and they bring us food and other material items. They also spend time to encourage and pray with us. Just like my brother, he gave me the confidence to write and today I have a book to my name.”

In April 2018, Author Ralph and the Rain Foundations group inaugurated a post-prison rehabilitation project for ex-convicts.

It is a ground-breaking project with a five-dimensional approach to ensuring ex-convicts become useful to society.

Raphaelle Antwi, known widely as Author Ralph has written and published over 50 books in the last 15 years.

He is the leader of Rain Foundations, a missions-based organization that has been serving countless people in various continents since the last two decades.

Rain Foundations will roll out some interesting humanitarian projects in May this year, as part of celebrating two successful years of prison ministry.



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