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Boutique Operator Strangely Stabbed To Death

A 35-year-old boutique operator has been stabbed to death by a man believed to be mentally deranged in Wa in the Upper East Region under inexplicable circumstance.

Kiemtore Suleman who operated a boutique belonging to his younger brother was said to have had a scuffle with the mentally deranged man identified only as Anyo, Wednesday morning.

Eyewitnesses told that Suleman who had a chewing stick in his mouth arrived to open his shop at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday but a scuffle broke between him and the mentally deranged man.

Anyo allegedly stabbed Suleman in the chest and took to his heels. According to eyewitnesses who could not explain what caused the scuffle, Suleman who was bleeding chased Anyo but unfortunately collapsed.

Police in the area have commenced investigations into the matter while the body of the deceased been sent to the Wa Municipal Hospital morgue.

Some residents claim it is not the first time the mentally deranged man has attacked or even stabbed someone in the Wa municipality.

For some of them, Anyo is only pretending to be mentally ill but others think otherwise.

According to some residents, Anyo was previously sleeping in an abandoned container for the Wa Municipal Health Insurance but was recently chased out by the youth because he was terrorising people in the area.



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