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Boyfriend Secretly ‘Proposes’ On Camera For Month

A man took secret photographs of his girlfriend with an engagement ring in a series of mock proposals for a month without her noticing.

Edi Okoro, 30, from Hertfordshire, slipped the ring into pictures of Cally Read, often while her back was turned.

They were also snapped together in a DIY store, while she was looking through binoculars and Mr Okoro even placed it in her hand while she slept.

When he did eventually pop the question she said “yes”.

Mr Okoro said it was “a challenge” finding a way to propose to Ms Read, 28, that “speaks to you as a person and couple”.

Edi Okoro slipped the ring into photographs for a month without his girlfriend ever noticing

“Some plan a flash mob, a fancy meal, or even arrange a marry me sign,” he wrote on Facebook.

“I couldn’t do this because ‘Edi doesn’t plan’… I’m a spontaneous improviser.”

He also said his girlfriend would “have clocked on” had he planned a proposal around a holiday or meal.

“The idea was to take as many photos, in more daring scenarios, until I found the perfect moment to propose, or until I got caught, at which point I would propose,” he wrote.

These also included photo-bombing pictures of Cally while wearing the ring, putting it on the bed while she was texting and leaving it on a plate with the rest of her jewellery for two days.

Mr Okoro’s Facebook post has been shared 56,000 times and a video of him holding the ring and laughing while she brushed her teeth has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

He later posted a picture of himself with his now fiancée wearing the engagement ring but he has yet to reveal how he eventually proposed.

Mr Okoro has not yet revealed how he eventually proposed to Ms Read


Source: BBC

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