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Braided Bun With Gold Stitching Is The Next Style You Need

If you want to add a little glam to your next braid, keep reading. This braided style not only includes several braids wrapped into an epic bun, it’s adorned with gold cording that’s perfect anytime of the year—but especially for the holidays. Recreate it with the steps below:

First, make a deep part on the right side of your head, then create four triangular sections with a rattail comb. (FYI: you should end up with four large braids and smaller ones in between at the end, if that helps with sectioning.) Then, cornrow two small sections of hair alongside the right-hand side of the part toward the nape of the neck.

Next, create another small braid along the part, cornrowing it downward at an angle. The third (larger) cornrow should start on the right side and curve across the top of your head.

A thicker braid along your hairline is up next next; continue braiding it past your ear, all the way to your ends, adding in extensions as you go. Create a thicker braid alongside to the braid you made in step three on the left, and then another one next to the part you initially made on the right side.

The last braid should also be a thicker one on the right-hand side of your head; braid it all the way to the ends.

Now it’s time to weave in the gold cording! Using a crochet needle, feed the cord into your braids in whatever pattern you’d like. Wrap the cord around two braids, joining them together. Then, wrap the other braids hanging down around to create themselves to create the base of the bun. Lastly, wrap the gilded ends hanging down around and secure it into place with a hair needle and thread.

Lay your edges, and then apply mousse, wrap your braids, and hit it with heat to set the style.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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