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Colours Colours Play Hits National Theatre

You’ve never seen a pizza in so colourful, so sophisticated, so beautiful and yet so chaotic and desperate.

The renowned Phannys pizza is about to collapse and the workers need to do everything they can to save it. They will either succeed or will be hindered by their own attitudes, pettiness and bickering.

What happened next, Colours Colours an exciting stage play written by Nene Osiedu has all the answers. It captures the beauty of diversity and character. The play is interlaced with music and dance to tell a story of a group of friends and colleagues.

It reminds really all that in this life people come in colours your naked eyes can’t see. The lives majority of people live is entirely different from who they are in the comfort of their heads, and that’s one of the issues Colours Colours explores.

Being staged for the third time, the characters will be played by a gamut of actors and actresses with various backgrounds. Students, filmmakers as well as journalists who are passionate about acting and the arts.

Powered by Soultrain productions, Colours Colours will be staged at the National Theatre in Accra on May 13.

A special treat for Mama on Mother’s Day is definitely a ticket to see the exciting characters in Colours, Colours.


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