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COVID-19 Is Breeding Creativity In African Photography, Here Is One Fab Editorial By Ncourage Photography

For those of you outside the photography world (mainly in Africa), they have their own #StayHome challenges going on also. And this is where one camera man takes images, or puts out images they have already taken and allows other photographers to come up with their own retouching of the same image by tagging their names in the pictures.

Nigerian photographer Ncourage Photography came up with a very brilliant concept, a lady wearing pins as a nose mask. The one image put out has already gone viral. Although this was part of the ongoing photography challenge where Kaymora Studios took on the challenge and came up with her fabulous edit of the images.

Enjoy the art and check out the credits below.






Image of @olohijolly
by @ncourage_photography
PC @ncourage_photography
Retouched by @kaymora_studios
Muse @olohijolly
Mua @beautyorchestrator

Classic Ghana

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