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Delay Betrayed Me to Promote Her Show – Kurl Songx

Kurl Songx

Highlife artiste Kurl Songx says he felt betrayed after TV personality Delay aired an interview of him claiming he has a lot of women at his disposal that he sleeps with whenever he chooses.

The ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ hitmaker granted an interview on the Delay show in January in which he revealed that, though, he did not have a girlfriend; he had a lot of women who satisfy him sexually.

But in an interview with Doreen Avio on ‘Let’s Talk Showbiz’ on JoyNews, Kurl Songx said even though he made those comments, he asked Delay not to air that part of the interview which she agreed to.

He said, “After the interview, I told her that, please I felt I didn’t speak well here, so I’m pleading can you edit it out, I will appreciate it.”

The musician said he, however, felt betrayed when that part was aired. According to him, Delay betrayed him to promote her show.

“I felt really betrayed because I kept on repeating over and over again but it was because she wanted to sell her show and not my brand, she didn’t really care about my brand so I have learnt my lessons. If I offend you and I apologize and you say, ‘no’, because you want to sell your show in your selfish interest, fair enough,” he said.

The singer said he does not see the need to pursue it because the harm had already been caused.

Kurl Songx went on to say that it was wrong for Delay to still air the interview adding that the fact that he was being honest does not mean he should be seen as a bad person in public.

He also used the interview to apologise to all women who were offended by his comments.

“I am pleading with Ghanaians that whatever I said if you felt disrespected, that’s not who I am, I’m am truly sorry. The fact that I was being honest, maybe at that point I didn’t speak well but I am not that kind of person,” he said.

Kurl Songx has a new song titled ‘Trumpet’ and it is already receiving a lot of airplay on media platforms.

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