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Fashion Model Irene Yesutor Absolutely Slay These Shots Proving ‘Bald Is The New Black’

Fashion model and runway killer, Irene Yesutor is quickly on a rise with her fabulous new look. The fashion model decided to go bald late last year and it definitely set a new pace for her career.

According to a post by the stylist

“An editorial piece to change perceptions and mindset about “looks”. A lot of times people isolate themselves from other people because of appearance being it hairstyle,skin,costumes etc. One thing they forget is that, their intelligence and abilities does not have anything to do with their appearance. As the saying goes “never judge a book by its cover”. Before you conclude and give up on someone, try and get close and ask why they do what they do. That’s the beginning of knowledge!”

See the visuals below.






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