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Ghana@63: Don’t Insult, Use Your GH2 Data Wisely – Yvonne Nelson To Ghanaian Youth

Yvonne Nelson

If you missed the news, Yvonne Nelson has declared that Ghana has never been independent contrary to what Dr Kwame Nkrumah proclaimed exactly 63 years ago.

The Ghanaian actress, as Ghana, marks its 63rd independence today went on a social media rant to trash the celebration. “Goodmorning, 63 what? Ok Just so you know, we aren’t independent” she wrote on Twitter and later added that “we’ve never been independent”.

Yvonne’s comment started attracting negative comments from social media users and she is facing them squarely, by advising the Ghanaian youth, whom she said have lost their way, to use their “GH2 data” wisely to make conscious constructive criticism that will help build Ghana than to just insult online.

Patriotic Yvonne Nelson is walking the talk by sounding a clarion call to the conscious Ghanaian youth, who has worthy ideas to contribute to building Ghana, to join a think thank movement that she wants to start. “You insult under my posts? Insults are played out …… share some knowledge.! Use your little 2ghc data wisely!” she tweeted.


Source: Pulse Ghana

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