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How “Anas Expose” Would Revolutionarise Ghana Football

Anas Aremeyaw Anas

As the day of reckoning approaches, it is very important to anticipate how the yet to broadcast expose by astute Ghanaian investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas would impact the football in Ghana.

The highly anticipated expose is said to reveal some corrupt practices in football, which includes match fixing, referee influence, dubious sponsorship deals, underhand dealings, among many others and would be the very defining moments for the game in the country.


Undoubtedly Ghana’s football would be at the crossroads with snippets of information gathered, which enumerates how some key stakeholders in the game are involved in all sorts of unethical practices, which has put the local game into disrepute.

This crucial stage of football in Ghana, would help design a road map by which football is expected to thrive in the next coming years as perceived corrupt stakeholders are expected to make way for the genuine ones who are passionate about taking the game to greater heights devoid of any personal interest.

The overall structural challenges that confronts our football with regards to credibility would be curtailed as we begin the revamping process to ignite the spirit of football in the country.

This renders the people of Ghana the opportunity to cleanse the game, which is the heartbeat of the country and devise measures to revive the ever dwindling fortunes of the game.

Hierarchical Changes

One area of concern to many Ghanaians is how the current crop of administrators at the GFA, have shirked the responsibility of helping the growth of football and the personnel change at the top hierarchy of the FA would be met with delight among football loving fans.

Regardless of the stipulated 2019 elective congress, this significant video would help fasten the change process at the top hierarchy of the football association.

Heads are expected to roll with many football administrators purported to be indicted in the video and would definitely not go scot-free as measures would be taken to expel them from our game to ensure that the dignity of the game is sustained.

The current hierarchy of the football association have suffered a massive credibility setbacks in recent times and some members of the association are expected to resign from their posts, if they are indicted and found guilty by the law courts.

Improving the Tenets Fair Play

A major setback to Ghana football is how the tenets of fair play as enshrined in the statues of football’s World governing body, Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), has not been encouraged over the past few years leading to lack of interest from fans as well as withdrawal of investors and sponsors.

Fair play as stipulated by FIFA “represents the positive benefits of playing by the rules, using common sense and respecting fellow players, referees, opponents and fans” and these ensures fairness across board.

We live in country where corruption in football is considered a commonality, which has marred the efforts by some genuine stakeholders who try in their respective endeavors to help improve the game

With countless of referees hinted to be part of video, it clearly demonstrates how Ghanaian referees continue to hinder the progress of the game by influencing match results.

Referee Joseph Lamptey is an example of how Ghanaian referees have extended the abysmal performance to the international stage as they have recently been sidelined in international matches.

Match fixing scandals across all divisions of Ghana football remains a very disturbing phenomenon that has triggered a massive setback and tainting the growth of the game as various stakeholders in the game engage in illegal activities for their own gains.

This certainly doesn’t help the image of the game but the expose would certainly help cleanse the system with stringent measures being taken by the appropriate authorities to foster credibility, integrity and the overall genuineness in the game of football.

The way forward

The perception index of corruption in Ghana football is certainly on the high in recent times and the expose only buttresses the assumption with evidence which could be a game changer in the annals of Ghana

Ghana’s would definitely not be the same as we illuminate a brighter future for football after watching this expose dubbed ‘Football and Politics’ slated for June 6, as a complete topsy-turvy in our local football as well as culprits facing the wrath of the law.

All have remained tight-lipped as we await the production by Tiger Eye PI in conjunction with the BBC and we remain hopeful it will live up to expectation. Our system would be cleansed.

By Simon Asare, GNA

Source: GNA

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