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I Was Given A Drink Mixed With Drugs – Moesha Finally Opens Up On ‘Godly’ Encounter


Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong is finally topping the trends following her latest interview with presenter Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay.

Months ago, the social media influencer, then seen to be living a flashy lifestyle, took a U-turn that shocked many Ghanaians and even foreigners who followed her social media pages.

Moesha said she had turned a new leaf, preaching Christ and asking her followers to turn away from ways that would lead them to hell when they rather must be aiming at heaven.

She sold off most of her belongings and also burnt money she had in her closet to cement the fact that she was no longer continuing the ‘slay queen’ lifestyle.

Fast-forward, during the interview, Moesha said the whole incident started after she took a drink laced with marijuana and other drugs that she was ignorant of.

She explained that, though she admits taking the drink, “it is not what caused me to start hearing the voice of God.”

At a point, she also admitted to trying cocaine once when she was out of the country.

According to Moesha, she now hears the word of God directly in her ears, adding that, she has since been giving revelations to people, and they happen.

“I hear the voice like a man, sometimes a woman or even a child,” she told Delay.

When asked if the drink caused her to hallucinate, Moesha denied and said “up till now I know God speaks through me, and he is leading my life the way it is now.”

The actress has been posting videos on her return to Instagram which has gotten many wondering if she has actually changed.

In the interview with Delay, Moesha denied the things she said about dating a man of God and advising people to refrain from it.

“I couldn’t control the things I said, but they were not words that I wouldn’t say. That is not the life that I lived,” she added.

But Delay asked Moesha to swallow her words because, “you were actually dating a married man who is a pastor and also dating another man who was allegedly going to marry you, so you cannot say that wasn’t you.”

Nonetheless, Moesha has asked critics to debunk rumours that stemmed from interviews her PA granted at the time of her condition.

“All the things my PA said about me were pure lies,”she said, adding that, “I have seen God, and he is now leading my path.”

Moesha said she cannot stop partying,, though she is so much into God because “I am a sociable person and I love to dance. It is not easy being an entertainer and that is my work, I am an influencer, and it’s not an easy job.”


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