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If You Make Up A Story About Me, I’ll Disgrace You – Lydia Forson Warns Journalists

Lydia Forson

Outspoken actress, Lydia Forson is threatening to make up false stories to attack persons who do same to her.

The actress who seems to be clearly fed up with “lies” that are sometimes reported about her, said she will also make up stories about the reporter.

Giving the warning on Twitter, Lydia said: “I’ve decided this year that if I read a lie about me in the news I’ll also make up a lie about the person who wrote it.”

“Like I saw him having sex with a goat in the middle of the Aflao road at midnight,” she cited as an example of the falsehood she is ready to also share about the person who lies about her.

“We can all make up stuff. ,” Lydia Forson, who is very vocal on issues, stressed.


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