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I’m Ready To Overcome Music Challenges – Naa Belvy

Naa Belvy

THE Ghanaian music industry is tough and that is why it is not surprising that many new entrants complain about how hard it is to break through, especially if you don’t have a strong management.

However, beauty queen turned musician, Naa Belvy, says she is ready to overcome all the challenges and become a success in the industry.

“I know the industry is tough, it is hard to break through because certain things are not done right. I mean for a DJ to play your song, you need to pay him something and sometimes, you pay the money and the songs do not get played.

“These things I know for sure are frustrating as an up and coming act but I am not bothered, I am in to make a mark and if it means me waiting, I will wait.

“New materials are not welcomed in this industry. Can you imagine that for the whole of 2018, no underground act has broken through into the spotlight?

“But elsewhere, every time, there is someone up. I will keep fighting to get through,” she told Showbiz in a chat on Tuesday, December 4.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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