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It’s Stupid For Parents To Tell Their Children Not To Wear Miniskirts – Sister Derby

Sister Derby

“Telling your children not to wear short skirt or miniskirt is stupid and very bad education” – Sister Debrby.

Female artiste Deborah Vanessa, popularly known as Sister Derby, has hit out at parents who curtail their children from wearing skimpy clothes.

According to her, it is “stupid” and “bad education” for any parent to tell his or her child not to wear miniskirts.

“Telling your children not to wear short skirt or miniskirt is stupid and very bad education,” she said on Accra FM.

“When I was in junior high school and primary, I remember they [teachers] told us that if you wear a short skirt, it can lead to, maybe rape. I was taught that the syllabus and the education we got in school was based on the bible, but you see, times are changing and our minds are evolving and we are understanding the world and people better.

“As I was growing up, I realised that it was a very stupid thing they taught me in school – that do not wear short skirt, do not wear short clothes, a very stupid thing.”

The ‘Kakalika Love’ hit maker compared the narrative to that of buying a gold watch and being told not to wear it because it may be stolen.

According to her, the wearing of skimpy clothes is never an invitation to rape, as many people tend to think.

She explained that no one has the right to touch another’s body without consensus, irrespective of the type of dress the person wears.

“Teaching us in school or anybody telling your children not to wear short skirt or mini is stupid and very bad education, that means I can also say to you not to wear your expensive shirt, don’t wear your gold chain or don’t use a phone, it can be stolen from you,” Sister Debbie stressed

“So, nobody has the right to somebody else’s body and without permission you are not allowed to touch someone’s body, so, my message is the only thing that causes rape in this whole world, in this universe, is a rapist,” she added.

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