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Jamaica Makes History Sending It’s First Shipment Of Toilet Paper To The United States

Jamaican company Quality Incorporations VII Ltd. made history this week, packing and shipping Jamaica’s first shipment of toilet paper to the United States. There has been a shortage of toilet paper in retail outlets in the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic. This shortage is mainly due to consumer hoarding and supply/demand issues.

The historic toilet paper export moment was applauded by the Jamaica Manufacturers & Exporters Association (JMEA) on their twitter page.

“Jamaica’s first shipment of toilet paper to the United States. Creating history and taking advantage of the export opportunity is local paper products manufacturer and member of the JMEA Quality Incorporations Ltd. We commend and congratulate the Quality team on the new venture!”, posted the JMEA in a tweet.

Quality Incorporations VII Ltd. manufacturing, distribution, and administrative offices are based in Kingston with close to 75 employees. They have been manufacturing toilet paper in Jamaica since 2004. Their toilet paper is sold all across Jamaica in retail and wholesale outlets.

“That’s a big deal. In crisis there’s always opportunity” said Jamaican entrepreneur, Sandor Panton in a tweet response to the Jamaica Manufacturers & Exporters Association (JMEA) announcement.

In a recent interview with Business View Magazine, Krishna Vaswani, Managing Director of Quality Incorporations VII Ltd. spoke about his positive outlook on Jamaica and how the company is re-inventing itself.

“Jamaica has been on an upward trajectory. Major infrastructure investments and private sector investments have spurred a level of growth. We have been fitting into that because we have made some investments for a higher sustainable footprint in our overall growth perspective. Currently, 70 percent of our production is recycled paper and 100 percent of our inputs are FSC certified. We’ve basically altered the way we grow and invest.”, he told Business View Magazine.



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