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KNUST, UG & UCC Ranked Among Top 20 In African Moot 2019

Law Faculties at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), University of Ghana (UG) and University of Cape Coast (UCC) are respectively ranked 5th, 11th and 14th among 20 English teams that participated in the African Moot 2019 organized by the Centre for Human Rights.

A total of 40 teams participated in the annual event which was hosted this year by the Faculty of Law, University of Botswana.

The African Moot 2019 amongst other things afforded participants the opportunity to meet and interact with colleague LLB students from different countries on the similarities and differences among laws and also learn about opportunities available to them.

This opportunity, the president of UCC Law Students’ Union Felix Assan told Spencer Kwabena Boateng Mensah of, makes him “feel proud that I’m an African and also made me appreciate the reality which is that we (as Ghanaians) are not alone on this African continent and that we belong to a big regional body full of beauty and diversity”.

The following results are the ranking of the top 20 English-speaking teams, top 5  French-speaking teams and top 3 Portuguese-peaking teams during the preliminary rounds. This is followed by the top memorials and best oralist from the three language groups.

Top 20 English Teams 


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