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Meet Rosemary, The Single Mother Driving Bolt To Take Care Of Her Family

Rosemary Owusu Asantewaa is a Bolt driver

“My mum screamed when I told her I was now a commercial vehicle driver and that I driver Bolt, conveying people from place to place. She could hardly believe her ears and initially feared for my life…,” Asantewaa narrated as she branched to join the busy Tema Motorway.

According to Rosemary Owusu Asantewaa, most of her friends and some family members have attempted to talk her into abandoning the profession she picked up after deciding not to trade in second hands goods again at Michelle Camp, near Afienya in the Greater Accra Region.

Bolt driving, she said, has been her saviour since she and her husband parted ways leaving her to take care of two out of their four children.

“There are days when business is good and at other times too, business is not quite good but all the same, God help me to get enough to take care of the needs of my family…,” the thick tall lady narrated on Angel FM’s Evening News.

Rosemary Owusu Asantewaa would have called any soothsayer a liar it had been predicted that driving which she learnt after a day’s lesson at age 18 would be her major means of livelihood by the time she turns 40.

“Never in my imagination did I think I would be driving Bolt one day in order to put food on my family’s table…but here I am today driving people just to keep family going…,” she said.

Interestingly, some of her customers would prefer she drives them for the whole day because of her good driving skills.

Asantewaa in the widely publicized interview said she is much elated to take up a profession which is male-dominated.

She therefore encouraged the females in the country to take up the challenge of venturing into other fields other than becoming Slay Queens.



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