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Military Men Who Stormed The Obom Township In Dome Faase Have Vacated The Area

Military personnel who stormed Dome Faase in the Greater Accra region, after two of their comrades were assaulted by a mob, has left the community.

This follows a meeting between the Municipal Chief Executive of the Ga South constituency and the leadership of the military to address the issues leading to the raid.

Speaking on Midday News on Joy FM, Adom News correspondent Seth Kofi Adjei, stated that the two leaders had come to an agreement that the military should leave the community after two guns taken from their men, who were assaulted, had been found.

Although the military has left the community, “it is still left with the women and children. All the men have left the town and are yet to return,” he reported.

On Tuesday, August 25, some residents of Dome Faase near Obom in the Greater Accra Region were been accused of assaulting two soldiers over a piece of land in the area.

The soldiers clashed with the residents while protecting the property for the Mponuahene of Akyem Apedwa who they claim is the owner.

According to the spokesman for the residents, there have been rumours of armed land guards working with military personnel to terrorize their communities.

After the mob attack, some military personnel stormed the community to arrest civilians suspected to have had a hand in assaulting their men.

The administrator of the health facility, Adam Abdul Rahman alleged that some hospital staff were tortured and traumatised in the process.

Many health workers at the Obom Health Center have failed to go to work because of the fear for their lives, he added.

Two health workers who were injured during the altercation have been admitted.

Also speaking on Midday News Chairman of the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament said that his investigations revealed the who were assaulted military men were on a legal operation termed – calm life.

Seth Acheampong told host Emefa Apawu that they are however making progress in resolving the dispute.



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