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Mothers Can Breastfeed With Implant – Doctor Assures

Dr Levi Ankrah, a plastic surgeon at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, has said that it is possible for women with breast implant to breastfeed their young ones.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on TV3’s New Day on Friday, September 25, the doctor explained that silicon breasts are equally safe and at some point a lot better than drinking from the feeding bottle.

“There is actually a woman who has implant and produces milk,” he said, “so there is less silicon in the milk than in the feeding bottle, according to lots of studies.”

Cosmetic surgery is fast becoming a topic for discussion amongst a lot of people in and around the world with a lot of people gradually buying into the idea.

However, others are criticizing the method, claiming that it is unnatural.

According to the Washington post, studies show that about 400,000 women a year get implants, 75 percent for cosmetic reasons and the rest for reconstruction after breast-cancer surgery.

“Studies again shows that implant are either filled with silicon gel or saline solution and have smooth surfaces.”



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