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Nana Frema’s Majestic Birthday Shoot From Last Week Is Still Ringing Fashion Bells

Actress and singer Nana Frema has been stunning for months but she really made her mark in the fashion world when she decided to grace us with a majestic shoot for her birthday.

And songstress was seen in a kente pencil dress with a crown with graphic designed adinkra symbols on the image. Usually birthday images would have died by now but the beauty of Nana Frema is still being reposted on various fashion pages.

There is no denying she brings life to clothes, and this isn’t just the usual ‘Oh she has curves so she looks good’ there is a certain ‘certainty’ and strong womanhood, yet feminine beauty to her look that might just sell more than the average curvy woman.

See the pictures below.



Photo Credit: Dromo Studio

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