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Ofori Amponsah Reveals How Friend’s Betrayal Cost His Marriage, Career

Ofori Amponsah

Highlife musician, Samuel Ofori Amponsah, has attributed his three-year absence from the music scene to trauma he experienced because of a close friend’s betrayal.

Recounting his ordeal on Kofi TV, the musician expressed how devastated he became when his friend and benefactor stabbed him in the back, a situation he said cost his marriage.

“Someone I helped entered into my home and ruined my marriage. I was broken-hearted not for what the lady did to me but the betrayal from someone I helped is what shocked me,” he said.

The ‘Otoolege’ hitmaker revealed the incident happened at the peak of his career and that affected his performances during shows.

“I was performing at National Theatre and truth be told, I was not myself on that day. During my performance, I kept thinking of how someone I helped to reach a higher height did that to me.

“That day all I felt was unforgiveness and since then my writing, singing skills and everything just fell to the mud because I lost control of myself and decided to stay away from music for a while,” he recounted.

Explaining how affected he was, he said he was shattered, lonely and all he could do was shun everything he loved the most.

To him, the betrayal was beyond his understanding since in his whole life, he had never been affected by any situation.

The only thing he revealed kept him sane throughout the entire ordeal was the prayers he directed to God and some prophets who advised him to do so.



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