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Omoni Oboli: The Beautiful Nigerian Actress And Producer Taking Over Nollywood


Omoni Oboli

Nollywood has over the years produced international movie stars and producers amid millions of movies watched globally.

One movie producer and actress in the spotlight is Omoni Oboli. Her movies depict more positives in Africa and a balanced reality of everyday life and events on the Continent. An important point on Omoni’s movies remains the fact that her movies intriguingly address social issues and leave the viewers with a good impression.

Omoni Oboli is an award-winning actor, director, producer, scriptwriter,and author. The brilliant Nollywood star has starred in over 150 movies with many major ones on Netflix.

Her acting skills make her easily identified and recognized by anyone that watches her in a film. With a vivacious spirit, enthusiasm, and beautiful look, Omoni is sure to overtake many movie stars in the industry without a sign of slowing down.

Omoni started acting movies in 1996. She has written several screenplays and played lead roles in mainstream films like Being Mrs Elliot, Anchor Baby, Okafor’s Law, The First Lady, Fifty, Wives on Strike, The Figurine and My Wife and I, which are on Netflix.

Great actors and actresses cannot be celebrated without awards.

The Nollywood star is a New York Film Academy Notable Alumni. She is also the CEO Dioni Visions. One of the movies produced by her company is Okafor’s Law which was officially selected at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and was one of the most anticipated movies at the cinemas.

Omoni is unstoppable as her recent movie, Love is War has also found its way to Netflix. Love is War is a political drama that reflects on family, sacrifice, love, betrayal, romance, betrayal, pain and everything one can imagine.

The Nollywood movie star has a foundation, “The Omoni Oboli Foundation” aim to support less privileged women and children in Nigerian. Omoni is married to Nnamdi Oboli and has three children.

Source: African Post Online
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