People can’t believe how good this $40 Sam’s Beauty Wig is

We love living that “long hair, don’t care” life, but we also do care about our bank accounts. Wigs, in particular, can get pricey, and no matter how cute a hairpiece may be, struggling to afford rent after dropping a pretty penny on it is never a good look. That’s why we were especially psyched to hear about the $40 Sam’s Beauty wig that Twitter is currently obsessed with.

As vlogger Rachel Marie shared, the brand’s Stylist Swiss Goddess Wig is an amazing option under $50. “It is bomb, like wow,” she said in her YouTube review. “I’m honestly speechless about this wig; I don’t know what to say.”


The finished look is sleek and smooth, with fresh-out-of-the-salon layers. It’s truly double-take-worthy — upon first glance, it doesn’t look like Rachel is wearing a hairpiece.

While Rachel gave the wig high praise, she admitted that at the time of her testing, she hadn’t really worn it around a lot. “I won’t be able to say how long it lasts,” she said. Rachel also noted that the hair was, “getting tangly around the ends, but it’s [synthetic], so that’s kind of expected.”

So there you have it: your search for the perfect, affordable New Year’s Eve wig may be over.


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