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Photos: The Business Of Motorbikes In Ghana

Motorbikes are increasingly being used in Ghana as an alternative means of transportation  in Ghana.

First, to get you to your destination in a short time and secondly, to save you some money.

Some individuals use these motorbikes for commercial purposes, popularly known as “Okada”

And with the booming business of e-commerce it has become a very important feature in delivering goods from sellers to buyers.

Lets go back to a few years  ago when motorbikes was used in  rural communities- teachers and civil servants posted to work in such areas depended heavily on it for daily commute.

However, the past years, has recorded escalating numbers  in its usage countrywide due to  fastness and maneuverability and many are of the perception that this upswing translates into gains for motorbike dealers.

It turned out to be false perception.

We spoke to some motorbike dealers at Accra, specifically  Caprice to find out their business with regards to revenue.

Their responses are detailed in the photos below

Mangisu ( in white singlet) says from 2012-2014, business has been okay. The years after, however,  has seen sales drop . He blamed it on the high cost of duty at the port.


From 2017 to 2018, business was normal. Kweku Abraham (in red shirt) says even though Okada business is rising, most of the riders buy  motorbikes from China and not the secondhand ones. Since last year business has remain low till date.


Business was normal between 2017 to 2018, but 2019 to date, Moro says business has been stagnant. He blamed corruption at the port for high duty cost. He  advocated for lower duties  at the port to enable customers afford the prices


Abdul Razak made no sales in 2019 for 3 months. He also believes it’s due to Chinese import. “People are not buying like in the past (2014 – 2016)


Since 2016 to date business has been sluggish, people are not buying. “Sometimes you sell one motor in a month”, says Alito


On the other hand, Nana Yaw is lucky to be making good sales. Business is good for him.


Jacob: Business is not moving well. “Business is not moving well since 2015 to date. We hardly make enough sales”


For the past five years, business has subsided, Says Kwesi. “We sit here for a whole month without sales”.


Since last year January to October, business was bad. It started getting better since November 2019 to date. King says business is normal now.


By Francis Quasie

Classic Ghana

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