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Prince Charles Wades Into Jollof Rice Wars

Prince Charles has spoken about the ongoing dispute over whose Jollof rice is best, only to side step the issue of revealing his own preference.

Speaking in Nigeria at the end of his West Africa tour, he said:

Having also visited The Gambia and Ghana over the past week, our visit to Nigeria may perhaps provide an invaluable opportunity to compare – if one ever dares do such a thing! – the relative merits of each country’s Jollof rice… however, for fear of sparking a diplomatic incident, I suspect I shall have to let you draw your own conclusions about which country’s Jollof we found to be the most delicious!”

The last high-profile British person to dare to talk about Jollof rice was the chef, Jamie Oliver, who at least seemed to unite West Africans in condemnation of his own recipe.

The BBC said it suspects that Prince Charles was briefed about the ongoing rivalry over the traditional dish made with rice, tomatoes and spices because he was so careful not to reveal his favourite.

There has even been a song written by a Ghanaian about how much she can’t stand Nigerian Jollof rice.

The singer Sister Deborah explained in the Food Programme that the rivalry is a fun one – like a brother and sister who like each other in reality.

Source: The BBC

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