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Prince David: Ghana Showbiz A Joke

Prince David

Social media, especially Instagram, seems to have made otherwise unknown figures now very popular in our Showbiz industry.

The likes of Hajia 4 Real, Archipalago, Rashida Black Beauty, Farcadi, Moesha Buduong and recently, Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapim Polo shot to fame through these platforms.

Their huge following gets them a lot of attention but soon they make headlines for the wrong reasons and actor, Prince David Osei believes the trend must not be encouraged.

Speaking with Showbiz, the Fortune Island actor said this quick way to fame must not be encouraged since it is lowering standards in the entertainment industry.

“It looks as if that is the new trend now, just do something to get attention on social media and you are good to get interviews on major platforms.

“ Why have we lowered the standards in our entertainment industry? Back in the day, before a radio/television station will interview you, you must have done something remarkable, now just fool anywhere especially on social media and you land interviews on big shows.

“Meanwhile, the folks who will be doing good projects to help the industry will never get such publicity. Rather, they have to beg and in some cases, even pay to promote their works, why should it be so?” he queried.

Even though he didn’t mention names in his submissions, he pleaded with players in the industry to set standards.
“Stakeholders in the game, please wake up and this is no hate on anyone’s shine. In every institution, there are standards, let us not compromise ours by accepting the low standards these days.

“We are the mirror of the Ghanaian society and we must maintain the enviable role we play,” he said.

Prince David Osei rose to fame in 2006 after starring in Fortune Island for which he later won the Best Actor of the Year award at the City People Entertainment Awards.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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