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Road Crashes Kill 32 In Upper West From January To May 2018

Road crashes claimed 32 lives in Upper West Region from January to May 2018, according to the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) reports.

The latest figure represents an increase from 27 deaths documented through road traffic accidents within the same period in 2017, but the reported accident cases reduced from 63 to 55 within the period under consideration.

The number of vehicles involved also reduced from 94 cases to 88 cases.

Mr Mohammed Abdul-Samad, the Upper West Regional Manager of NRSC, who presented the report during a press briefing in Waalso, said the number of persons injured decreased from 105 in 2017 to 99 cases recorded this year.

He said fatal cases increased from 23 cases in 2017 to 30 cases in 2018 while total number of serious cases reduced from 21 cases to 15 cases.

Total number of minor cases also reduced from 17 cases in 2017 to 10 cases in 2018 while pedestrians knock down increased marginally from four cases in 2017 to six cases in 2018.

The Commission, Mr Abdul-Samad said, has intensified its sensitization activities through radio programmes and recently trained 19 drivers from various transport unions on best road safety practices.

The drivers requested removal of dangerous trees and filling in of many potholes on roads to improve safety.

He said though defensive driving was strongly recommended, it is imperative motor riders wear crash helmets when using the road to protect their lives.

Source: GNA

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