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Royalties: We’ve Been Kept In The Dark For Long – Adjetey Anang

Adjetey Anang

Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang popularly known as Pusher has said he is ignorant on how actors can enjoy royalties from their works.

Like the music industry where musicians are entitled to royalties when their music is played on the radio or anywhere across the world for commercial purposes, the movie industry offer similar royalties to actors but Pusher says he is ignorant of this fact.

Speaking to Nana Kwesi Asare on The Big Show on Saturday 11 July 2020 on Class 91.3 FM, Pusher noted: “This is one of the areas I’m a bit ignorant, I know I’m supposed to make some royalties but it is all because we have been kept in the dark for so long”.

The ‘things we do for love’ star noted that he will in collaboration with his colleague actors find a way to benefit from such royalties.

“It is only recently that I became aware of any such avenue and we’re beginning to find more details to see how it can benefit all of us. But I think we haven’t been sensitised on that front well enough, so people are not even aware and it is something that we need to make known,” he stated.

Source: Class FM
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