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Rwanda Opens Airport: Passengers To Present COVID-19 Test Certificates Conducted Within 72 Hours

Rwanda opens airport to international travellers with strict rules amid covid-19 pandemic on 18th June 2020. Travellers are to present a COVID-19 test certificate carried out in 72 hours before arrival in Rwanda.

Another mandatory COVID-19 test will be conducted on all visitors upon arrival at the Kigali International Airport. Passengers will receive their results after 8 hours.

Also, all passengers are to wear a face mask and practice social distancing. Another strict health measure implemented is the temperature screening of all passengers on arrival and exits from the airport.

Passengers will also have the opportunity to sanitize their hands as the airport has put hand sanitizers for passengers to use.

Some of these strict health measures put in place are to ensure that travellers do not spread the covid-19 and are also safe from contracting the virus.

Rwanda has confirmed 646 covid-19 cases with 350 recoveries and two deaths.

Source: African Post Online
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