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Rwandan Brides & Bridesmaids And Their Beautiful Shoulder Style Fashion

It’s easy to have a quick glance at one set of Rwandan brides and bridesmaids and not think so much of the look, however as a non Rwandan when you spot their one off shoulder style that swarms across their weddings you will fall in love with every set of brides maids you see.

In Ghana it’s very common to see our culture represented in what we call out traditional marriage and then fork out another sum of money to emulate the West in what we can a white wedding. With Rwanda their cultural and traditional wedding is the official (#MakeAfricaGreatAgain). The one off pieces are made from ‘imishanana’ or silk, and the inner garments are made from lace fabrics.

See some of the beautiful looks we gathered from various photographers below











Source: Fashion Ghana

Classic Ghana

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