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Seven First Date Ideas Every Man Should Never Use

First dates are awkward. That’s the very nature of them. But they don’t have to be daunting for you, if you know how to go about them. The fact is you have everything to learn about each other and essentially nothing to lose.

However, there is no shortage of bad date ideas that make getting to know one another difficult or those that increase the pressure for no good reason.
While the following first date ideas are the worst you can think of, it isn’t an exhaustive list. Here are a number of first date ideas you should never plan.

Dinner Dates
Going to dinner on a first date is pretty much akin to going on a job interview—except you don’t even get a job out of it. It’s a solid commitment and you are passing a message that you are dedicating two or more hours to forced interaction—where you’re likely sitting across from each other and can’t even touch.

And, if conversation falls flat, you’ve got no way of saving yourself from the painful silence while you circle the food on your plate.

The Movies
Going to the movies is perhaps the best way to learn absolutely nothing about your date. Think about it: You’re going to sit in a dark room where you can’t even look at your date and you’re not allowed to speak.

More so, there is probably an awkward armrest separating you, so you can’t even comfortably snuggle. Who in the world decided this should be a staple first date move?

Weddings can be a lot of fun, and you might think it’s spontaneous to bring a first date on your arms, but weddings are about two people who love each other and invite everyone they love to be there, not random people.

No one wants to feel like the random one in the room. Besides, you’re then required to entertain your date who will know no one at this wedding and she’ll probably wonder why you really didn’t have anybody else you could take.

Group Dates
How in the world will you get to know someone personally when you’re with your buddies and she’s with her friends who will be overanalyzing your every move and feeding her their very much unwarranted opinions?

Group dates are like performance reviews and it also tells her that you feel so “lost” about the whole date thing that you can’t even leave the clown squad at home.

Your Place
Even if all you want out of a first date is sex, you can at least grant her, as another human being, a little respect and have the decency to put in just the smallest amount of effort.

Put your clothes on and leave your house! If you can’t even do that, you’re saying that either you’re not interested in her enough that you care to plan something, or you are not interesting enough to plan anything.

A Party Thrown by You
No woman wants to show up at a party to be with the guy everyone else came to the party to be with, too. She definitely doesn’t want to compete for your attention on the first date. If you can’t make it about her at least this first time, what are the chances you ever will?

The Beach
Seriously, what are you going to do at the beach on a first date? Roll around in the sand? Bury each other? Get your feet and hers wet by waves? Don’t plan a date to a place where people literally go to sleep.


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