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SmockyWorld Brings Northern Ghanaian Tradition Into The COVID-19 Nose Mask Revolution

The World is opt to change anytime and it’s up to us the people we live in to learn how to learn how to live and survive no mater what. Trying to survive some world crisis like the current Covid-19 outbreak, we need to learn how to add the wearing of nose mask to our daily fashion life, to prevent contracting and spreading as well.

Wearing any normal nose mask can some how make your fashion style offset if it doesn’t match what you are wearing. Many Great fashion designers is seen grabbing opportunity through the outbreak of Covid-19 by bringing out different allegiant nose mask designs.

Smockyworld, number one fashion brand who mainly use Africa hand made smock for their designs has drop their own version of nose mask and it worth to be acknowledged. The smock fabric, the styling, and how effective it is when it come to protection from dust and any airborne diseases cant be measured.

Glance through the wonderful gift made of love that smockyworld has given us;



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