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South Africa Launches ‘Walk-Through Sanitising booth’ For Commuters

South African commuters have been sanitizing themselves at bus stations by walking through a sanitizing booth.

Once they walk through the booth they get sprayed with a solution meant to fight the coronavirus.

Commuters can be seen in Soweto filing through metal tunnels and subjecting themselves to cold mist containing a disinfectant.

The disinfectant is supposed to kill the pathogen responsible for coronavirus, but some scientists doubt its efficacy.

Vuyelwa Toni Penxa, managing director of Real African Works Industries, which makes the booths told Reuters that the fog used is herbal.

Penxa said tests have shown the herbal base fog is 99.9% effective against bacteria and other pathogens, including a virus similar to the novel coronavirus.

The company says it is awaiting tests to prove the effectiveness of the fog on this strain of coronavirus but hopes tunnels could make a difference.

Penxa said “We are hoping to reduce the number of people that are infected,” she said, adding however: “No one solution can be prescribed to combat COVID-19.”

For some commuters, it doesn’t matter what scientists say but it appears to give them some psychological stability on being safe from the virus.

Reuters quoted a 34-year-old merchandiser, who went through the sanitizing booth as saying “I’m happy as long as they are trying to sanitise it, it shows … they are doing something.”



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