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‘Sugar Daddy’ Prophecy Cost Me Friends – Vicky Zugah

Vicky Zugah

IT would seem that where Vicky Zugah is, controversy is never far from her. Last year, there was reportedly a prophecy that she had been cursed by the wife of a man she dated while she was in secondary school.

Apparently, the man abused his wife who cursed Vicky that she would never be happy in life. It was a difficult time for the actress who had expected support from her friends. However, instead of a shoulder to cry on, Vicky reveals that a lot of her friends shunned her while others just cut her off.

“It was not an easy situation because I lost people, I lost friends. Others whose husbands I was friendly with called and asked me to stop being friends with their spouses.

“In my DMs (Direct Messages) on social media, I had people tagging me a cursed lady and all but I see it all as a lesson, it is a phase which had to happen for a purpose,” she told Graphic Showbiz.

Vicky also disclosed that even her fan base was affected as partners of some of her male fans also came at her.

“I met a guy and took a picture with him; he was a fan so he posted it on his social media pages, and what happened next was just amazing. His wife managed to get my number and called me from Canada to warn me to stay away from her husband.

“Initially when the call came, I was shocked because I had no idea who she was talking about and then later, I got to know. This is what she said when she called me, “cursed woman, why, are you trying to snatch my husband too?” and it was funny,” she said.

Asked how she felt about the prophesy, Vicky had this to say. “I am one person who does not challenge a man of God. I have my own beliefs but if a man of God says this, I respect that and will do just as I am instructed to and that is it. However, I feel whatever has happened to me is as a result of my personal decision.”

Vicky Zugah said she had learnt some valuable lessons from the whole scandal.

“It has rather made me strong and I learnt a long time ago to know what to give my attention to so I am ok with it, I will not kill myself. They tagged me a cursed girl, husband snatcher and all kinds of things but I have decided to turn all these things into something positive,” she stated.

On how 2020 will be for her, Vicky told Graphic Showbiz she was hopeful.

“This year to the glory of God has started on a good note. I have some few gigs already and currently I have some proposals on my table that I have to look at. I am also looking at opening my own restaurant so it looks promising.”

In answer to whether she had any regrets she said, “I have no regrets at all, I am who I am today because of the things I went through. I have learnt lessons and I’m working with that.”

Vicky Zugah has featured in movies such as King Without Culture, Inner Woman, Oyaw No, Agatha, Act of Shame, Mummy’s Daughter among others.


Source: Graphic Showbiz

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