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‘Terminus’ Premieres At Silverbird Cinemas

A number of celebrities, actors, directors, producers thronged the West Hills and Accra Malls on Friday, January 7, to be part of the premiere of Terminus.

They included; Adjetey Annan, Helen Lois, Oscar Provencal, Beverly Afaglo, Salma Mumin, who all starred in the film.

Others were; Manaf Yussif, Joseph Otsiman, Anthony Woode, Jeffery Nortey, Joseph Otsiman, Kobina Sam and Cecilia Anno-Banieh.

Written and directed by Abu Iddris, the movie premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas in these malls.

The 90-minute thriller was watched by movie lovers who trooped into the respective malls to treat themselves to a wonderful time.

Terminus tells the story of a Ghanaian chemist, who in the bid to vindicate his company in a lawsuit, stumbles on something even more dangerous in the process- there is a hidden chemical formula in painkillers and antibiotics, altered for testing and profit gains by a pharmaceutical giant.

In the movie, Ghana was governed by a female President. A role played by Helen Lois.

Speaking to, the producer of the crime-action thriller, Mawuko Kuadzi, noted that he is hopeful Ghanaians will see the movie industry in a positive light following the premiere of Terminus.

He was of the view that the movie has been a hit and urged those who have not seen it yet to go see the film.

“We had some audience, but we still want more eye balls to see this amazing film that we have produced. I think after this film, people have started to see Ghanaian film in a different way.”

According to him, there is a second part of the story. However, its premiere is dependent on the patronage.

“Terminus Part 2 is dependent on how this one does. So we urge more people to go see it and we will do the Part 2. Hopefully, the government of Ghana will sponsor it or even Netflix will finance Terminus 2.

“Terminus film is a game changer and the more people see it, the more they will believe that it can be done in Ghana by Ghanaians with the right money and time,” he said.

Earlier, Mr. Kuadzi told the media that Terminus chooses to tell a fictional yet possible story of the reality of the pharmaceutical industries, which is to educate through entertainment, but not to ridicule any specific pharmaceutical company or any known product.

Tickets went for GH₵50 per head.

Terminus is still showing at the Silverbird cinemas – In Accra mall and Westhills mall.

Terminus is executive-produced by City Outlook Entertainment.

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