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‘The Braid Up’: How To Create These Two Freestyle Stitch Braids

Stitch braids are a classic for a reason. They don’t take hours and hours to complete (sorry, looking at you, box braids) and they always look reallygood. Seriously, whenever I get stitch braids, I get a billion compliments. So, this week on The Braid Up, our braid guru, Stasha Harris, is giving you two freestyle stitch braids you’ll want to rock ASAP. Trust: You’re going to be obsessed. Here’s everything you need to know before you get started.

1. Focus on your scalp care. It’s extra important to keep your natural hair clean and moisturized if you want to promote hair growth while your hair is in a protective style. Spritz a leave-in conditioner on your scalp to help hydrate any dry patches.

2. Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates (aka the sudsy bubbles that clean your hair) can strip away your scalp’s natural oils. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo to make sure your hair stays fresh and clean but not overly dry.

3. Slap a golf ball-sized amount of edge control on the back of your hand. Or, at least tell your braider to. It’s a quick hack that’ll make it easier to access the product and make sure your parts are sleek.

4. Hit your hair with mousse. Before you leave your house in the A.M., add two to three pumps of mousse to your hair and work them through your braids. Then, tie on a silk scarf and use a blow dryer to apply some heat. This will set the braids and keep frizz and flyaways to a minimum.

There you go! Before you hit up your braider, be sure to watch the tutorial to see exactly how the braids come together.


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