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The Two Beautiful Nigerian Afro Twins – Photo Shoot By Big H Studios

These two beautiful twins, Faidah and Fadilah are amazing in their Afro style during the photo shoot. Read below the photographer message about these shoot

“I remember meeting Faidah and Fadilah at a wedding in Kaduna and I was struggling to tell them apart. They both looked soo alike and both sounded like chipmunks ?? So imagine my frustration when I call one Fadilah and she says no this is Faidah?♂ It wasn’t easy to be honest but now I’ve found the trick. One has… ok let me not give it away. Can you spot the difference?

I enjoyed working with them on this shoot to be honest. I’ve bonded with their family soo much that the girls call me big brother. I think this big brother thing comes with my size

To Fadilah and Faidah (my favourite twins ? as you like to call yourselves) here’s wishing you the very best that life has to offer. I’ve got nothing but love for you both and I wish you achieve everything you set out your heart to do

PS: to all the hunters that would start asking me to tag them. Please these ones are baby sisters and they are not ready oh. Please give them 12 more years ??



Make Up by @dazeita
Hair by @solangehairandbeauty
@BigHPortrait @BigHStudios

Classic Ghana

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