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This Is Not The Time To Cheat; Yvonne Nelson Advises Men Amidst Coronavirus Scare

Yvonne Nelson

Ghana has now recorded two cases of coronavirus and Yvonne Nelson is sensitizing the public on one way to also control the virus from spreading.

The Ghanaian actress focused her coronavirus prevention education to men. According to her, this is not the season for boyfriends and husbands who cheat to continue cheating because this will put their family at risk.

The film producer who has been very concern about the pandemic before Ghana recorded its first two cases, shared her latest thought on social media. “Boyfriends/husbands drop the cheating. This is not the season. Pls. Your fam is at risk! Those who can’t stay at one place,” she tweeted.

Yvonne Nelson also cautioned schools and other public places to put in preventive mechanisms in place. “Schools, offices, markets, hospitals, hotels, buses( troskis), taxis, night clubs…… ok let’s be safe out there,” she wrote on the 280 character platform.


Source: Pulse Ghana

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