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This Years NIVEA Face Of Accra Fashion Week May Just Be Africa’s Tightest Model Competition

Accra Fashion Week 2019 Summer Harmattan is slated for 2nd-6th October. And one feature that everyone looks forward to in the Summer Harmattan edition is the Face Of Accra Fashion Week model competition.

Face Of Accra Fashion Week had its humble beginning once upon a time in 2016 upon the launch of the first ever Accra Fashion Week. The price offered was a 2000ghs cash prize, management by Confidence Models and have their face plastered on billboards for all further promotion of Accra Fashion Week.

The organization has stuck to those rules making the winners some of the most noted fashion faces on Ghana and from Ghana. However with the rise of instagram in Ghana, in 2019 there has been a lot of progression in the world of modelling.

Models are crossing bounderies with popularity, engaging in massive international shows, and much more. The most current winner to date is Beatrice Eli, who has almost every major Accra Fashion Week show under her belt as well as a fascinating amount of editorials. She recently shot for VOGUE magazine and will show up in the upcoming September issue.

With consistent push, there is a high chance we should expect to see her walk the runway in a western country shortly. Organisers have had difficulty with this issue as visa’s are not the easiest process to execute when it comes to Ghanaians visiting the west.

However all that may come to a change outlined in the reasons why this year might just be the tightest experience for girls in the Face Of Accra Fashion Week competition.

To start of with, there are some heavy hitters, when it comes to fashion model within the competition. In many cases, the winner for the competition has always been fairly obvious, if not from the start, closer to the end. That is not the case this year, the is a well rounded number of models all of which have very strong points.

In addition, this year edition will be hosted by NIVEA the world’s biggest skin care brand who will also be looking for a beautiful flawless skin model.

If you think that wasn’t tight enough, there will be a judge flown in from a popular milan agency that will play the role of a lead judge guaranteeing the the winner representation in Italy. So expect a fierce, Tyra Banks style competition.

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