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When Car Inscriptions Motivate

Have you observed that almost every trotro or taxi you see in town has an inscription on it? The inscriptions range from funny quotes, wise sayings, Bible verses, and quotes from the Quran, among others.

These inscriptions are sometimes  written boldly with colourful paints or can be stickers on the  windows, sides of the cars, back, boot, dashboard and anywhere the driver desires.

They are written in English , Pidgin , Arabic, Twi, Hausa, Ga, Ewe, Dagaare, Dagbani and Fante.
No one seems to know how this art started  but one thing that is clear is that some of these are very inspirational.
While some are hilarious, others are warnings, a lot of them seem to ease whatever emotional pain one may be dealing with.

A typical example of such quotes are God is Good, Still Good Master, Christ Nti Yeye Adehye (we are royals in Christ), One Love, Blood of Jesus and more.

A driver at the Nkrumah Circle-Nsawam Station, who gave his name as Sail, told The Mirror that he had ‘‘God is good’’ at the back of his car because of his religious beliefs and how far his Creator had brought him.
Another driver, who has a Twi inscription ‘‘Koso Bo Mpae’’, explained that this quote simply means pray without ceasing.
According to him, prayer is the channel through which we communicate with our Maker, so he uses the phrase to encourage and motivate anyone going through hard times to keep on praying.

A different driver, who has an Hausa inscription ‘‘Iko Shei Allah’’, on his car said the quote simply means God is our provider. According to this driver, who is a Muslim, it is stated in the Quran that  Allah has promised to provide for His children, so it is basically to motivate others.

Paa Kwesi, a bus conductor, revealed how a quote on a car saved his life when he nearly committed suicide.

“While I was contemplating taking my life, I chanced on a quote on a car which I read that morning and I rescinded my decision immediately.  Since then, I always encourage car owners not to stop their drivers from putting such inscriptions on their cars just because they feel it will make the cars dirty”.

We bring you some of the motivational  inscriptions on some vehicles in and around Accra.

Source: The Mirror

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