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Young Female Acts Go Through Hell – Eva Maria

Eva Maria

IN their bid to break into the music industry, many up and coming acts are willing to do just about anything without really thinking about the consequences.

And this opens them up to all kinds of people, some of who may not have good intentions for them. After observing happenings in the industry, up and coming act, Eva Maria, has waded into the matter and is asking DJs and managers to stop taking advantage of young and desperate female musicians.

According to Eva Maria, a lot of young female musicians were going through hell at the hands of DJs and artiste managers who wanted to have their way with them simply because they didn’t have help.

“A lot of female musicians I know are going through that and it is not funny. I am happy to be signed on to Kri8t Music and they are doing a great job. It looks like if you don’t have a good management team to push your works, you can forget about making it in the music industry,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Eva Maria said that it was about time DJs and artiste managers looked beyond what they could get sexually from a female artiste and helped them show their talent and what they could do.

“We complain that the industry is dominated by males but these are some of the reasons why females are not there. How many female musicians would want to give themselves to a manager or a DJ before getting the help they need? Such practices should stop, they should rather support them to get to the top,” she said.

Eva Maria said if such practices stopped, she was sure that in the next few years, female artistes would be at par with their male counterparts.

“I can tell you for a fact that if female musicians are given the same treatment or opportunity like the males, we will be at par. I know a lot of very good female musicians who would have been big by now if they were given the chance,” she said.

Eva Maria has been signed on to Kri8t music for two years and has released songs such as Scatter and Empower Yourself.

She has had the opportunity to perform at Miss Ghana, Obrafour’s Pae Mu Ka @20 concert, Westside Concert, Akwambo Festival, Aboakyir Festival among other events.


Source: Graphic Showbiz

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