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19 Points: A Message To The Senior Singles

1. You are not incomplete or less blessed just because you are not married

2. Expect to be sidelined by some married people, some church congregants, by some in society even in work gatherings just because you are not married. Know yourself

3. Expect some maried people to be defensive towards you, thinking you getting close will make them lose their spouse to you. You are not the problem, they are insecure

4. If you have chosen to remain single for life, that is still OK. It is your personal choice

5. If you have chosen to remain single for life, don’t want marital benefits of sex, exclusive companionship and leading people on. Choose. Do you want to be alone for life or do you want real love?

6. If you want real love, don’t be desperate cause of fear of your age. Desperation will make you jump into one bad relationship after another, making you waste even more time

7. Note that masturbation can easily make you need a human connection less and make you put less effort in building real emotional intimacy with a potential suitor because your self pleasure is your escape

8. Don’t be used by younger or older people who come to feel sorry for you and give you a fake idea of love to gain access to your body and money

9. Network with other senior singles, they will understand your journey

10. Look back and see your past love life choices. Have you been entertaining the wrong people, ignoring red flags, loving the wrong people the right way? Learn

11. You may be desiring love so much but don’t get too excited when someone new gives you attention. Tame your expectations. Discern

12. When you do find someone real and true and who is serious about you, be loveable, let your guard down. Yes, you have been single and independent for a while but allow yourself to need someone. Love is finally here

13. If you have never known love, remember love exists

14. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, drinking yourself silly, having sleepless nights and developing ulcers; this will make you unattractive and emotionally difficult to be with thus pushing people further away from you

15. Learn to stand your ground when your parents and relatives pressure you into marriage. Don’t get married for them

16. The more you age as you approach your mid-life, the more sexually aggressive and assertive you will become. Make wise sexual choices

17. Don’t put your life on hold just because you don’t have a spouse. Invest, build your empire, travel, get that PhD, form your organisation, touch lives; live to the max

18. As you grow, your need for companionship will grow. Don’t give audience to time wasters, you are too grown for games and for married people who want to cheat on their spouse’s with you

19. If you are a single parent, remember your children will move out soon. Prepare for life after they move out

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