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5 Essential Natural Hair Tips To Prevent Breakage

As much as natural hair can be awesome it can also be tiresome. For those of us who had transitioned or big chopped, the journey usually starts off with a buzz, but as time passes, being a naturalista becomes your norm, your excitement reduces and so does your enthusiasm to continuously maintain and style your kinks. However,some women’s spark with their kinks never die in fact, they always seem to come up with fresher ways of reviving or to sophisticate their kinks. Luckily, for those who can’t always deal with high maintenance hair, here are 5 ways in which you can stay lazy and still keep your natural hair healthy.

Protective Styling
It’s a no brainer, honestly. Having your edges tucked away in weaves, wigs or braids guarantees less breakage. But that doesn’t omit the fact that you may still need to sleep with a satin head scarf or wear a satin wrap beneath wigs to protect your edges.

Product selection
Choose products that do the Job for YOU. Please don’t expect products to work miracles on your hair as it did for your friend, relative, or colleague

Maintain moisture and hydration.
There is no other way to put it, other than SPRAY, SPRAY and SPRAY! adding conditioner and water to a spray bottle really prevents a lot of mess. tangles, dryness and knots, that is.

Protect your hair for bed.
Your satin scarf and bonnet should be cherished.

Stick to LOC or your moisture routine.
When moisturizing your hair after a wash make sure the relevant components are present for longer lasting moisture. We always recommend leave-in conditioners, oils and creamy butters.

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