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6 Things You Should Never Wear On An Airplane

According to Libby Ryne, during planning for super-cute airplane outfit to kick off a vacation on a fashionable note, one must not wear these things.

1. Super-tight Socks

Save any extremely tight socks for outings on the ground. Clothing that cuts off your circulation can lead to blood clots in the air. A good way to tell if your socks are too tight for plane-wear is to see whether they leave marks on your legs. If yes, those are too tight (ow). The exception to this rule is compression socks, which are made to be extra tight to increase your circulation instead of preventing it.

2. Jumpsuits

Okay, friends, let’s get real. Airplane bathrooms are tiny and to do your business while wearing a jumpsuit or romper, it all has to come off. Do yourself (and the rest of the bathroom line) a favor and stick to two-piece outfits.

3. High heels

We’re proponents of wearing high heels to the airport for the sole reason that it saves room in your suitcase in cases of overflowing luggage. But when you’re actually on the airplane, it’s time to switch back to some flats. Not only do your feet swell when you’re in the air, but in the teeny-tiny case where there needs to be emergency action taken during your flight, you want to be steady and grounded.

4. Skimpy outfits

We’re less worried about you offending the grandma seated next to you than you freezing your scantily-clad butt off during your flight. It gets cold on airplanes, so even if you’re heading to a warm-weather destination, make sure to bring light layers for the plane ride.

5. Contacts

Travel days are a great opportunity to wear your glasses. Your eyes will thank you. The pressure and dry air in the airplane’s cabin don’t make for a great contact-wearing experience. Plus, if you’re going to nod in and out of naptime, you probably don’t want your contacts in anyways. Give those peepers a break!

6. Strong perfume

Be kind to your air travel neighbors and don’t wear strong scents on an airplane. Because it’s a pressurized tube in the sky and there’s really not a lot of air flow. So if you’re rocking a generous spray of perfume, everyone will smell it. And besides sensitive noses, some people have fragrance allergies that could lead to breathing problems.

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