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80-Bed Kasoa Polyclinic Left To Rot; Residents Angry

The residents of Kasoa in the Central Region have expressed outrage at the government for not providing them with proper healthcare facilities while a fully completed polyclinic has been left to rot in the area.

The newly-built polyclinic at Crespo City at Kasoa CP in the Awutu Senya East Constituency (ASEC) has not yet been fully equipped to be operationalised, according to information gathered by Class91.3FM.

The Ghana Health Service, according to sources, has made arrangements for the equipment to be installed but the processes have stalled.

Some of the residents of Kasoa CP said the Municipal Health Directorate suggested the relocation of the equipment from an old clinic there into the new facility but this was rejected by the Assembly.

The distraught residents complained that the community has suffered preventable deaths in recent times due to long queues at the old 20-bed clinic, which serves the whole community.

Speaking to Class FM’s Central Regional Correspondent, Simon Agbovi, one of the residents said: “One woman died recently because the husband said that she was in labour and before they reached the old clinic, she died. Even when you go to the 20-bed capacity clinic right now, it is overpopulated and they are running shifts for patients. How can you be doing that when there is an 80-bed capacity clinic here? [George] Andah [the Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya West] had an accident and they had to fly him all the way to the 37 Military Hospital. If this clinic were operational, they would have used this clinic. So, we use our taxpayers’ money to be flying people around while the indigenes here will see the facility here rotting away”.


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